Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website of the Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC, which is the owner of the following domain: www.patronatomuac.org, hereinafter referred to as the “website” or “web page”. Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC is a non-profit civil association with the following purposes: a) Support the implementation of substantive programs and projects. b) Secure the support of people committed to the mission of the Board. c) Seek complementary resources with a view to contributing to its sustainability and to act as a spokesperson before the national and international community. d) Promote and support the program of artistic exhibitions and the acquisition of artistic and documentary collections of the MUAC. The use of these terms and conditions are a legal agreement in the provisions of article 85 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, between the user who visits and/or explores the website. The term ‘user’ refers to any natural or legal person who enters our website regardless of their interest, or who registers and/or makes use of the services offered through our website. We recommended reading the terms and conditions before visiting and/or exploring our website. The use of this website confirms that the user has read and, therefore, expressly accepts the terms and conditions. If they do not accept them, the user is recommended to refrain from browsing our website. LEGAL ACCESS TO PATRONATO FONDO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO A.C. By accessing the website, the user is responsible for accepting and respecting the terms and conditions as well as all the content of the website, through any use that may be made of the page. The user agrees to provide true, accurate, updated and complete information while using the tools provided by the website. In the case of making donations, since it is a voluntary action of the user, the user is responsible for making the donation in accordance with these terms and conditions, and generating and/or requesting the Online Digital Tax Receipt (CFDI) as stipulated below. It is the responsibility of the user to protect the confidentiality of any personal information that may be employed by the website. If the user believes that any security data issued for the donation has been compromised in any way, they must report this immediately. Certain personal data of the user is collected for specific purposes. The use made of this information is governed by the provisions of our Privacy Notice. The user is authorized to use the website; this use is not exclusive, may be revoked and is not transferable in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein. The user is prohibited from printing and copying any information found on the website, and this is strictly prohibited for any commercial use. The user is prohibited from making any other use of the website beyond those permitted. Failure to comply with this rule, and since all the rights of the website belong to the Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC and/or the natural or legal persons that collaborate with it, means the user’s action will constitute unauthorized use and may be subject to legal sanctions. MODIFICATION AND TERMINATION Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC, reserves the right to make changes and/or modifications in its terms and conditions, as well as in the content, information, and services of the website www.patronatomuac.org, at any time and without prior notice to the user, without giving rise to any claim or compensation. For this reason, users are recommended to consult the terms and conditions each time they visit our website. If users do not read or are unaware of the current terms and conditions, as well as their content, this does not exempt them from being subject to all the stipulations for the use of our portal. Therefore, it is assumed that by continuing to visit our website, the user accepts the current terms and conditions. At its sole discretion and without prior notice, Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo A.C. reserves the right to terminate and/or discontinue the web domain www.patronatomuac.org without this entailing any claim or compensation and without any liability. SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS Users should only browse using official marketing sites, using the routes established by the official website visited. The website may include links to third-party websites outside of www.patronatomuac.org Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo A.C. does not assume any ownership, obligation or responsibility in relation to third-party websites, therefore, the following is recommended: Verify the authenticity of the website, that it begins with “http: //” and that it has a padlock icon at the beginning of the URL. Verify the security measures for online transactions established in the terms and conditions. Check that the web address is correctly written. The only authorized external portal is PayPal. However, no responsibility is assumed for any inconvenience caused by this website. Therefore, the user must verify that the site is correctly written, is official and that it has the authenticity of the “http: //” protocol and with the padlock icon at the beginning of the URL. For no reason will responsibility be accepted for any virus or other harmful element that could cause damage to or alteration of the computer system. For this reason, we will not be liable for any damage or harm that this might cause to the user, such damage being wholly outside of our scope. DONATIONS The online transactions that the user makes to the Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo A.C. are carried out through the following modality: PayPal. The user can make the donation through an online system that supports money transfers between users with a credit or debit card in a secure way. The user should consider the following: To carry out the transaction, our portal makes the PayPal website available to you, allowing the user to follow the instructions to make the payment. It is important to note that the information provided to PayPal is not received by www.patronatomuac.org. Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC is not responsible for the information, legality and content of the PayPal website, as it has its own terms and conditions of use unrelated to those stipulated herein. In any case, it is recommended to also review the terms and conditions and privacy notice of PayPal. The entire transaction is carried out with an encryption protocol used by PayPal (“Secure Sockets Layers” – SSL), which encrypts information at the highest level commercially available. As PayPal is an external platform, Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC is not directly responsible for any failure that arises at the time of making the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, PayPal will notify the user of the result of the transaction. However, in the event that a problem has arisen in the transfer and 15 (fifteen) business days have elapsed, if PayPal has not resolved the problem, the donor may request the support of the Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC to solve the problem. Once the transaction is completed, PayPal will notify the Patronato Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC of the result of the transaction. CONSIDERATIONS OF DONATIONS Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC is not responsible for any error that may occur when making the transaction through PayPal. For this reason, the user is recommended to consider the following: That their bank details are entered correctly. Verify that the amount is correct. Strong and reliable internet connection. Navigation speed. Technical requirements for computer equipment and other electronic devices. Blackouts Voltage variations. Users must ensure that both the hardware and the software used during this mode of payment is in perfect working order, and ensure the optimal conditions of electrical installation, connectivity and navigation from their internet provider. DIGITAL TAX RECEIPT VIA INTERNET The Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC is an authorized recipient of donations registered with the Tax Administration Service, so it can issue, if requested, a Income Tax (ISR) deductible receipt. If the user requires a CFDI to be issued for the donation, they must request it electronically from the email: [email protected]. The CFDI will be issued in accordance with the fiscal requirements established in the applicable law. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The intellectual property, copyright, images, photographs, logos, works, products, third-party advertising or sponsors and any type of content used in our website is exclusive to www.patronatomuac.org and their respective owners, managed by Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC The user expressly accepts that any type of information disclosed on our website is protected by national and international intellectual property law, as well as by individuals or legal entities other than those who are part of the service that Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC offers (suppliers, artists, groups, etc.) owners of the information, and will only use it for the purposes stipulated in the Terms and Conditions, meaning they may not reproduce it. The intellectual property rights contained in our internet portal, social networks and any other means, design, images and/or content are reserved. The access and/or use of the website by users should in no way be considered as the granting of any license of use or right over any content on our website, as the ownership and administration of intellectual property rights belong the Patronato Fondo de Arte Contemporáneo AC and the individuals or legal entities who are part of the service. The redistribution, copying, marketing or reproduction made available to third parties, as well as any other activity that may be carried out with the information contained in our web portal outside the purpose and the means used, will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.